Michael & Stephanie Wigenton

Wigenton Candle Co., Founders, Curators, and Chandlers.

Our Story: Michael, a native of the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia), while Stephanie was born and raised in PA.  Wigenton Candle Co., is family owned and operated in Pittsburgh, PA. 
Burning candles brings us calm and relaxation.  However, I always felt my respiratory system would be irritated. I researched why and found it to be the type of candle I was burning. So, my quest to make a more natural candle began.
Why Natural Soy Candles? Our goal is to handcraft all natural products that are curated with wellness in mind so that our customers can enjoy our products knowing we have made them as natural as possible.
We blend each fragrance with premium high quality non-toxic ingredients. We hope that each experience with a Wigenton Candle is full of calm, relaxation, and creating memorable moments while bringing you Simplistic Joy.