Wigenton Candle Co. is committed to exceeding your needs. We believe that the customer always comes first, which means providing exceptional products and exemplary services. We offer custom candle options such as Birthday gifts, Bridal gifts, Corporate gifts, Private Label candles and Remembrance candles, to name a few of the custom orders we have done in the past for our customers.

Let us know what we can make for you. Contact Us! here We would love to hear from you!

Birthday gifts

Custom Candle - Birthday

Bridal Party gifts

Custom Candle - Bridal

Private Label candles - Tea Snob

Custom Candle - Private label TS

Private Label candles - Dutchess 3D Imaging

Custom Candle - Private Label 3D Imaging

Corporate gifts - University of Pittsburgh

Custom Candle - Univ of Pittsburgh

Remembrance candles

Custom Candle - Remembrance Candle