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Collection: Studio22 Collection for Him

Our Studio22 Collection had been designed to blend masculine scents that awaken any male or female senses.

West Coast - Dive right into the darkly aquatic, aromatic experience of our West Coast. Sensual and masculine, it marries notes of lavender, amber, dark musk, and vetiver filling the space with the aroma of the experienced grown man. 

World Traveler - Just a little something for him. Our World Traveler has hints of mystery and intrigue uniquely combined to inspire this masculine scent for both him and her. The warm undertones of rich amber and vanilla wrapped in dark musk will surely fill your space with a seducing aroma.

 Love Affair - Self-care and wellness are here for him too. Ground yourself in the calming, cleansing aromas of our Love Affair. This self-love affair is vital for balance and he needs balance too. Palo Santo, which is what we have crafted our Love Affair from, is a tree native to South America traditionally used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. It’s also said to have properties that clear negative energy and promote well-being.