The Sparkle of the Holiday


Our stunning tear drop vessel is filled with our natural botanical soy, blended with our non-toxic fragrance that is sure to make this holiday season extra special.  

This limited edition allows for you to select the scent you’d love to fill your home with this year.  


Tis the season of love & cheer! Tickle your senses with a sweet aroma of joy with this wonderful scent of fresh-baked cookies. We carefully mix together sweet, buttery sugar, and cinnamon fragrance oils to create the perfect aroma with our Holiday Cookies candle. Our classic Holiday Cookies, Snickerdoodle, candle is inspired by the notes of sugar and cinnamon to keep things warm and yummy.

Tis the Season

Introducing Home for the Holiday's, this scent is a bestseller during the winter season. This beautiful white birch fragrance with vivid notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and tonka bean creates a unique aromatic crispness. A fabulous choice for winter or any time of year. 

Sleigh Bells 

Feel cozy and loved. Fight off winter's chill with the inviting warmth of Brown Sugar and Fig with our Sleigh Bells candle.

This fragrance is a romantic, rich, and sweet way to indulge your senses with a touch of sea salt, amber, caramelized sugar, and ripe fig.


Who knows what Mistletoe will do for you? It might just make you fall in love. This festive holiday fragrance has top notes that are invigorating and eucalyptus-like, while its middle notes evoke pine and fir. Mistletoe's fresh, crisp scent brings to mind sincere hope and joy, as its name suggests. It's a fragrance that beckons the spirit of Christmas.


Peppermint Mocha 

Filled with natural soy and blended with premium phthalate free fragrance oils   

Candle Burn Time: 85-90 hours

Wax Weight: 12oz/340g

Vessel Size: 3.75w x 4.10h

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