Reed Diffuser


Add a touch of sophistication to your home with our Reed Diffusers! With a wide selection of beautiful fragrances, you can always choose the perfect scent for any occasion. Our natural fragrances are sure to make your home smell delightful, and last for weeks without needing a refill. Enjoy the long-lasting freshness and pleasant aromas with our Reed Diffusers!

Ambitious - this one-of-a-kind, fragrance is the perfect way to empower yourself, and your space. Crafted with an alluring blend of jasmine and dark fruits, rounded off with amber and Tonka base notes, you'll feel motivated to take on anything that comes your way. Let this unique fragrance make any moment an unforgettable one.

Cleanse - a soft, fresh scent that cleans the air in any space infused with cotton and lavender essential oils.

Nostalgic Summer - Get ready to re-live your best summer memories with Nostalgic Summer's delightful and sophisticated take on the classic cotton candy fragrance. Enjoy top notes of strawberry, raspberry, grapefruit, and blackcurrant, blended with a hint of peach nectar for a truly sweet treat. Keep it grounded with base notes of tonka, vanilla, and light musk - you'll never want to go back!

Summer Soleil - Get whisked away to paradise with Summer Soleil's perfect blend of pineapple, sage, mango and coconut milk. Enjoy the beauty of summer all day long with our luxurious diffuser. Let Summer Soleil fill your home with tranquil scents and let yourself drift off into a peaceful state of relaxation. Refresh your mind, body and spirit with the perfect combination to take you away from your everyday worries and stresses.

For the best experience with your reed diffuser, we advise the following:


3 - 5 reeds in a small-medium room - bathroom or small office.
6 - 8 reeds for a medium or larger sized room - medium size bath or bedroom or an office.

We provide 8 diffuser reeds with your purchase. Diffuser reeds can be flipped every day to keep the desired area fresh and fragrant. 




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