Season's Greetings - Peppermint Mocha

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The scent of this luxurious candle makes it feel like you're sipping on an original peppermint mocha right in the comfort of your own home! From the velvety holiday scent to the rich chocolate, your home will smell like a winter wonderland. This chocolatey fragrance oil is perfect for cold winter mornings and cozy evenings with a book.

Candle Care:

For the best experience with your all-natural soy candle, we advise the following:
1. Trim your wick before each burn
2. Allow your candle to burn until the melt pool reaches the edges
3. Do not burn longer than 4 hours at a time between wick trimmings

Our sense of smell is the strongest sense connected to memory.
We hope our handcrafted all-natural soy products bring you "Simplistic Joy" while making memories.

Candle Burn Time:  Approx. 100 hours

Wax Weight: 12oz/340g

Vessel Size: 4w x 4h (4.25h w/lid)


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