Harvest Season Favorites


Crisp Air, Colorful foliage, and breathtaking aromas.  Fall into the Autumn Joys of the harvest season.  Let autumn bring you all the warmth and wonder of sweater weather, hot ciders, and all things pumpkin! Enjoy the cozy warmth of the fire pit, the tastiness of pumpkin treats, and the beauty of vibrant falling leaves with a classic home aroma.

Create a truly opulent atmosphere with exquisite olfactory sensations and the beauty of autumn. Enjoy the stunning fall foliage with your loved ones, and breathe in that crisp, fresh air knowing you are filling your home with Wigenton fragrances that are non-toxic. 


Nights of Autumn - The perfect time to savor the autumn joys of apples, crisp air, and a hint of bourbon. Add a touch of marmalade and clove to your coziest sweater, sit by the fire and enjoy! Get ready for all the yummy things this season brings!

Autumn Joy - Experience the coziness of fallen leaves, the tranquility of autumn nights, and the delight of cedar, cinnamon, dark musk, and pear. It's like humbly taking nature's crisp coolness into your home. Enjoy the season!

Nana Nut Bread - Nothing says "harvest season" like a warm slice of our banana nut bread, made with real butter, bananas, nutmeg, and a hint of vanilla and walnuts! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a cozy feeling to your heart. Yum!!

Pumpkin Patch - Packed with the cozy scents of pumpkin, clove, cinnamon, smoke, buttercream, bourbon, peppercorn, and butterscotch, this candle has it all! Get ready to be whisked away to a boozy pumpkin patch! 

Snickerdoodle - Baked-in autumn bliss! Enjoy the sweet, cozy flavors of cinnamon, buttercream, and vanilla, perfect for those fall days and nights. A delicious reminder of how good life can be!



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