Discovery Tin
Discovery Tin

Discovery Tin

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Pick 1 or build yourself a discovery bundle. Select 3 scents that you’d love to try before committing to the full candle jar and get a bundle discount.   Our discovery tins are a perfect try me size in 3oz these tins will offer you a clean burn for approximately 10 hours   


Balanced -

Do you feel like you can never find a scent that suits your needs year-round? You're not alone! Our sophisticated fragrance blend of Balance is designed to help your worries drift away with notes of soothing patchouli, the energizing properties of citrus while also leaning in on the woody notes of sandalwood, cedar, and amyris to create a rich and serene atmosphere.


Breathe in the soft, all-natural aroma of our soy candles. Made with wellness in mind to bring you simplistic joy, these soy candles are infused with essential oils.

Cleanse is a soft fresh scent that cleans the air in any space. Cleanse the air knowing you are doing so with a clean-burning natural candle that’s non-toxic.

Energize -

 Let this uplifting blend of orange, grapefruit, and mangosteen be your center of aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy is not only meant to be enjoyed but is also meant to provide healing. Our soy candles are made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils that will promote the sense of balance while it relieves stress and anxiety and induces calm.


Explore Harmony, the hand-blended lavender, sea salt, amber, and citrus has been expertly crafted with wellness in mind. This unique blend was curated to promote relaxation and better sleep.

Mood -

Mood is our newest blend creation with black Cherry, amber, vanilla, and plum notes that will change your mood in an instant. Once you experience the lush and earthy scent, you'll never want to go back to unhealthy candles again. Our candles are made from natural soy and designed to be non-toxic. Who knew candles could make your mood so much better?


Namaste is a beautiful blend of lavender, orange, and vanilla essential oils for a calming and serene scent. all-natural soy wax will bring you back to an earlier time where life was slower and more simple. It's a fragrance that will calm your mind and body with properties blended to induce calm, relaxation, and joy.

Namaste is an entire mood. Enjoy the healthy, natural fragrance of Namaste for your home. Whether you are looking for a way to reduce anxiety or just want to enjoy the warmth of your living space, Namaste provides relaxation with an aromatic touch.


Are you looking for something Soothing and relaxing? Previously named Sinus Soother, Tranquility is the perfect candle for those looking to escape from a busy day or just need a pick-me-up, this blend is not only for sinus sufferers. Made with non-toxic ingredients such as our natural soy and premium fragrance oils that are specifically designed for natural soy wax.

Tranquility works hard to create a comforting atmosphere. Curated with wellness in mind, Tranquility wants to inspire you to be kinder to yourself. Our Tranquility candle comes fitted with a wooden wick, filled with custom hand-blended fragrance notes of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, and Blood Orange oils to create an environment of Simplistic Joy.


We all need a moment to reconnect with our inner self and find peace. Zen will do just that! Zen is a refreshing sense of well-being, peace, balance, and calm with notes of lemongrass, black currant, patchouli, lime, and sugarcane. Zen is a great year-round fragrance that fits well in any space, to make it a more relaxing environment.