Season's Greetings - Mistletoe

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Who knows what Mistletoe will do for you? It might just make you fall in love. This festive holiday fragrance has top notes that are invigorating and eucalyptus-like, while its middle notes evoke pine and fir. Mistletoe's fresh, crisp scent brings to mind sincere hope and joy, as its name suggests. It's a fragrance that beckons the spirit of Christmas.

Candle Care:

For the best experience with your all-natural soy candle, we advise the following:
1. Trim your wick before each burn
2. Allow your candle to burn until the melt pool reaches the edges
3. Do not burn longer than 4 hours at a time between wick trimmings

Our sense of smell is the strongest sense connected to memory.
We hope our handcrafted all-natural soy products bring you "Simplistic Joy" while making memories.

Candle Burn Time:  Approx. 100 hours

Wax Weight: 12oz/340g

Vessel Size: 4w x 4h (4.25h w/lid)


Color: Iridescent

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