Accessory Kit

$27.00 $30.00

Save when you 3, you get a Electric Candle Lighter, Matte Wick trimmer, and Snuffer for a great price when purchased as a accessory kit .

Electric Candle Lighter (black) - never worry about your lighter running out of fluid with this Black Electric Candle Lighter. The USB interface on this device can charge through connection to computers, cell phone charges, and other chargers with the necessary voltage mentioned in the product description on the package.

Matte Black Wick trimmer - the perfect candle buddy.  Trimming your wick allows for your candle to burn safer and longer.  

Matte Black Candle Snuffer - You don't want to simply blow your candle out.  You'll want to snuff out the flame which helps eliminate the residual smoke once the flame has been extinguished.  Why? Because it helps preserve the wick and the soy from any smoke as well as the air.


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